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Photo Credit: Jesper Rais - @Raisfoto

About me

Who i am


I am a designer with multiple talents.

I design and manufacture luxury wallpapers. I restore historical buildings. I teach and give workshops. 

I do bespoke art for many different customers.

I was trained by doing a full painters apprenticeship. I spent 9 years of training and working with my craft untill I had to challenge myself and grow in knowledge and techniques. I became a professional buisness painters teacher and worked with many hundreds of painters students during 9 challenging years of teaching in patterns, modern painting techniques, color theory, colormatch, trendspotting and historical painting techniques. Meanwhile I studied to become a decorative painter as well as a diploma painter. 

Through teaching I become a better crafts woman and understand my craft in the context of today. The way my students interpret any given challenge is opening my eyes to the amazing oppourtunities we have as a danish and international painters society.

We must show the world, that the art of painting as a craftsman is still relevant and developing as modern technology gives us new opportunities which we can combine with traditional craftsmanship. 

2009 was an important year for me as I became self-employed and was admitted at Salon - the association of the finest Master Painters in the world. 

The word about my work spread among danish architects, customers, clients, network ect. and I was hired to restore and decorate many beautiful historical manors for high end customers. 

2012 was the year of commitment and business. I quit teaching, created the company/brand Zilmers and launched my first handmade wallpaper collection.

I spend hours of bringing my ideas to life as a full time wallpaper designer!

Every week I wake up with new ideas of combining ancient patterns with modern coloration - to simplify detailed techniques and interpret the skills of master craftsmen from around the world. 

My skills have opened doors in some of the most extraordinary buildings in Denmark as well as foreign countries. 

I am so thankful for every adventure, every exhibition, every press coverage, every kind word, every customer, every student, every teacher, every like, every supporter.... 

But most of all I am thankful for my skills as a master painter!

My gift is to create decorations for the most spectacular and beautiful buildings around the world. 



ARoS Art Museum
Realdania By & Byg
Jørgensens Hotel

Louis Poulsen HQ 

Moltkes Mansion

Gammel Estrup Manor Museum

Tirsbaek Manor

Rohden Manor

Frijsenborg Manor


Nespresso Flagship Store Cph.

Aarhus Theater

Nordlux HQ 

Café Hack

Day Birger et Mikkelsen 

Norsminde Inn


Salon, Aarhus - Denmark

Salon, Lecce - Italy

Salon, Versailles - France

Salon, Hamburg - Germany

IFFT Tokyo - Japan

Salon, Tokyo - Japan

Danish Pulse, Shanghai - China

Salon, Lecce - Italy

Salon, New York - USA

Salon, Leeuwarden - Netherlands

Salon, Chamonix - France

The Time Is Now, Copenhagen - Denmark

Northmodern, Copenhagen Denmark

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